Oil & Gas Archive


All areas are represented in our holdings, including major operating companies, businesses in the supply chain, trade unions, trade associations and smaller collections of personal papers from individuals.

The University’s Special Collections Centre’s Oil and Gas Industry Factsheet details the resources held in the Oil & Gas Archive and how to access the collections. 

The University acts as a physical repository for deposited material, but also as a virtual hub for information and resources relating to the industry held elsewhere: please see the other resources for research and online resources pages for more information.


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MS 3801

Total E&P UK: Frigg Transportation System, MCP-01 and St Fergus papers 
Please note that some of the collection is available online through our Digital Collections. See also the Frigg section of this website. 

MS 3769

'Lives in the Oil Industry' Oral History Archive & associated records 
Also see the Lives in the Oil Industry project website. 

MS 4021 
(link soon)

'Capturing the Energy' Project Oil and Gas Oral History Archive 
A collection of interviews with North Sea oil and gas industry 'pioneers'.