Supply chain, overarching and professional bodies

Alongside the records of operators, we are also interested in collecting material about the network of supply chain companies, professional organisations and overarching bodies that enable and support the sector.

Working with Capturing the Energy can be a way of marking an important anniversary, or celebrating your organisation's achivements - see About Us to find out more about the benefits working with Capturing the Energy could offer your organisation. 

Records of interest

We have produced basic lists of the types of records we would be interested in collecting for the supply chain or professional organisations and overarching bodies, but the best way for you to get a full idea of what we would collect for a specific field or installation is to arrange for us to carry out a record survey.


For smaller companies or organisations, if the records survey identifies material that you are happy to transfer to an archive, we will ask the records owners to complete a formal written deposit agreement, and we will arrange and list the collection to ensure it is accessible and house the material in our specialist facilities.

In cases where significant volumes of material are identified for transfer from the organisation to the University, we may seek additional funding from the organisation to support the cataloguing and repackaging work. Please see the process pages for more information about what this would involve.


Please contact us to register your interest in donating records to Capturing the Energy.