Stage 3

Capturing the Energy can work with you to develop ways of promoting your heritage as part of a partnership project.

These additional elements will be designed to meet the company or organisation's requirements and costed accordingly, but the sort of activities your historical records could support include:

  • developing education resources for use with schools
  • running an oral history programmes with your staff or pensioners to record and celebrate their contribution
  • exhibitions or web resources about your company or organisation's heritage. 

The publicity opportunities relating to Capturing the Energy are extremely varied and highly valuable. So why not lead by example in helping to preserve and present the story of the sector? If you want to get involved, let us know, and we'll make sure we shout about it!

Exhibition on Total's Frigg field held at Marischal College

Image from an exhibition on Total's Frigg field held at Marischal College as part of their documentation project