Stage 1

The first stage in the process of working with Capturing the Energy is identifying which records of historical significance are held within your company or organisation: which records will researchers want to use in 5, 50 or 500 years time?

Records survey

This can either be done by commissioning a records survey, where we will visit your business to identify historically significant records. See the records survey section of the website to find out more. This is Capturing the Energy's preferred option, as it produces a more comprehensive selection of records tailored to your individual organisation.

List of records

Alternatively, you can use our list of records to identify the records yourself. These lists, available in the information box on the right of this page, have been developed by Capturing the Energy and are based on archival appraisal practice and the typical records archives tend to collect for companies and organisations. They are, by necessity, generic, so a record survey may be more appropriate if you feel your company or organisation has important records that are not included in the list.

Historically significant records

Basic list of records of interest for operating companies

Basic list of records of interest for supply chain companies

Basic list of records of interest for professional bodies and overarching organisations