Personal papers

Capturing the Energy are also interested in collecting material owned by individuals who have worked in the industry or carried out research relating to the industry: help us make the Oil & Gas Archive a resource that is representative of all areas of the industry's history. 

We can only accept personal material that you own, not material produced by your employer.

Examples of material we have collected so far 

  • Photographs, film and memorabilia from staff who worked on Total's MCP-01 platform, which operated in the Frigg field (in connection to the Frigg UK Archive)

  • Research papers from academics working on the effect of oil developments on areas' social and economic prospects and the CRINE initiative
  • Research papers of a surgeon who had investigated the medical implications of the oil industry
  • A brochure relating to the Piper Alpha Memorial

How to get involved

If you think you might have material worth preserving, please contact the Development Officer, who will be happy to discuss the material with you.

We are also looking for volunteers to continue our programme of oral history interviews and develop the Lives in the Oil Industry collection: again, please contact us to register your interest.