Records of interest

Capturing the Energy is interested in collecting the following records from operating companies:

  • Governance records;
  • Records concerning technical construction and operation.

Involvement in Capturing the Energy can take place at any stage, but the decommissioning process acts as a natural trigger for this process as records are no longer in current use. 


Our list of records provides a basic summary of the types of records we would be interested in collecting, but the best way for you to get a full idea of what we would collect is to arrange for us to carry out a record survey.

We may then arrange a documentation project to transfer the records to the archive for long-term preservation, or the company can complete a self-service submission to Capturing the Energy. See the process pages for more information.

Go to About Us to find out more about the benefits working with Capturing the Energy could offer your organisation. 


Please contact us to register your interest in donating records to Capturing the Energy.