Discover stories from the archives in our brand new mobile app

Download the Capturing the Energy app from the App Store or Google Play Store to get an insight into our work preserving the history of the UK offshore oil and gas industry.

The new Capturing the Energy app features videos and images on four main themes:

Men working offshore next to a Shell Brent platform

The app uses augmented reality technology to give users a unique way of finding out about each of these amazing stories.

Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store (WiFi recommended), pick up a flyer and use the AR Camera feature to scan the image and trigger the video, or alternatively stream the video through the app if you're online.

The videos -

  • tell the story of the legendary Brent field with archive footage and excerpts from Shell's oral history interviews;
  • explain the history of CNR's recently-decommissioned Murchison platform and why it was regarded as one of the best platforms in the North Sea;
  • compare Aberdeen before and after the arrival of oil using old images and new aerial views captured specifically for the app; and
  • give an insight into life offshore with images accompanied by just 2 of the more than 150 voices recorded as part of the Lives in the Oil Industry collection.

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