Value of the project

Working with Capturing the Energy can provide the following benefits to your business or organisation:

Safeguarding your place in history

Oil and gas is a vital industry in the UK, an economic success story which has made Britain a centre of expertise and skills in exploration, production and construction. It has also had a transformative effect on communities across the North East of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland.

Although the industry continues to thrive and production from the North Sea is currently estimated to continue for another 40-50 years, the industry must be proactive in taking steps to preserve a record of its achievements.

Regulatory compliance

Working with Capturing the Energy ensures you are compliant with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS; formerly DECC), which regulates the decommissioning process.

DECC's Decommissioning Guidance explicitly supports the Capturing the Energy project: ‘DECC fully supports the scheme […] and would encourage operators to discuss their records and information with the Capturing the Energy initiative’.

An information asset for industry

The Wood Review and CDA’s Data Management Study show that there is a growing understanding within the industry of the value properly managed data can offer companies.

By promoting the retention of the most significant records Capturing the Energy will provide the industry with a unique, enduring source of information and knowledge, helping the transfer of knowledge and skills onto the next generation.

Widening awareness of the industry's achievements

Celebrating the heritage of the North Sea will increase public recognition of the industry and the contribution it has made to Scotland and the UK. The oil and gas industry is the most significant post-war industry in the UK and forms an important part of Scottish industrial history; we need to preserve its records to enable research to be carried out on the industry and its role in society now and in the future.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The proper selection of key records will develop a fascinating resource that the wider community can benefit from, and which can inspire the next generation of talented engineers and designers. Widening research opportunities and enhancing educational programmes can contribute to your company's CSR strategy.

External websites

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Corporate Memory: a guide to managing business archives produced by the UK National Archives, exploring how businesses can use archives and records collections as a business information asset.

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